Changes with nginx 0.8.19                                        06 Oct 2009

    *) Change: now SSLv2 protocol is disabled by default.

    *) Change: now default SSL ciphers are "ALL:!ADH:RC4+RSA:+HIGH:+MEDIUM".

    *) Bugfix: a "limit_req" directive did not work; the bug had appeared 
       in 0.8.18.

Changes with nginx 0.8.18                                        06 Oct 2009

    *) Feature: the "read_ahead" directive.

    *) Feature: now several "perl_modules" directives may be used.

    *) Feature: the "limit_req_log_level" and "limit_conn_log_level" 

    *) Bugfix: now "limit_req" directive conforms to the leaky bucket 
       Thanks to Maxim Dounin.

    *) Bugfix: nginx did not work on Linux/sparc.
       Thanks to Marcus Ramberg.

    *) Bugfix: nginx sent '\0' in a "Location" response header line on 
       MKCOL request.
       Thanks to Xie Zhenye.

    *) Bugfix: zero status code was logged instead of 499 status code; the 
       bug had appeared in 0.8.11.

    *) Bugfix: socket leak; the bug had appeared in 0.8.11.

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